Aristotle was the first person to study the art of persuasion. In his work on the Rhetoric, he broke down persuasion into three key elements. I thought that follow up well with my 2017 post where I said “just because what you say is real doesn’t mean people will believe in you.”

According to Aristotle, for a message to be persuasive, it must satisfy all three modes of persuasion, lacking of one would not work.

The three are:

Credibility – presenters must be credible. The credential, authority, experience and moral values. The listeners must be able to trust what the speakers say.

Emotion – Presenters must appeal to the heart of its listeners. Being logical and truthful is not enough. One must find the emotional common ground and speak right to it.

Logic – oh well, this is common sense but what logic really is? Apparently, according to Aristotle …