Another Year That Ends with 7

You probably have heard of the folklore — whenever the year ends with 7, the stock market would crash. In 1987, Dow Jones Industrial Average went through the Black Monday in which it crashed 22.6% in a single day on 19 Oct 1987. Stock markets worldwide followed suit. In 1997, Asia went through the Asian Financial Crisis which did not end until nearly 2 years later. The STI went from 2,216.79 on 31 Dec 1996 to 805.04 on 4 Sep 1998, which is a precipitious drop of 64%! Fig. 1 below shows the extent of the crash during that period.
Fig. 1: STI Crash in 1997
In 2007, it was US’ turn to experience a financial crisis, which eventually inflicted all other countries in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The stock market crash did not begin at the start of 2007, but sometime in Oct 2007 and …
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