As I have written in an earlier post, by the time you “realise” you can or cannot beat the market, it could be too late.

Therefore, my preference is to adopt various approaches and I have somewhat settled on 3 for 2017 and hopefully, all of them will work out well beyond 2017.

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio

This has been in place since 1 Jan 2017 and I will reveal what it’s exactly made up of in the next post.

But basically, this will be quite a passive and relatively stress-free way of investing. Buying into broad instruments and rebalancing when a certain threshold is being breached so that the concept of “buy low and sell high” is maintained.

Target: 5% annual returns

Most backtests of such permanent portfolios show returns >6% but I will be much more conservative and with the strong likelihood of a much lower volatility than the …