Blog statistics are a treasure trove of information, and really fun to share! I’ve compiled the following top 5 posts, starting from October 2013 to December 2016. It doesn’t surprise me to find these posts being listed in the top 5.

Unlike other blog posts, these contain information that are fairly timeless and would benefit readers who are interested, regardless of whether they read it now, or years later. Especially when the pace of evolution in the indexing scene in Singapore is so slow. Which also means they will continue to pull in views long after they are posted.

Top 5 Posts (All-Time)

  1. Start Index Investing with Standard Chartered – No Minimum Commission
    Posted : 13-Jan-2014
    Page Views : 23,946 Page Views
    Comments : The mega post of my index investing blog used to draw in more than 500 page views every month purely via organic search. This is gone …