I talked about the principles behind this portfolio almost a year back (over here) but it took me almost a year to build up this portfolio to $150,000 worth of value.

I am officially tracking it from 1 Jan this year. And this is not a hypothetical tracker since I am putting real money (a significant chunk of my wealth) inside it.

The $150,000 is split into 5 assets which makes it about $30,000 for each asset.

Here’s my 5 assets that make up the Permanent Portfolio:


It comprises the 30 biggest listed companies in Singapore.

Price: $2.97

Number of Shares: 10,000


Value on Jan 3: $29,700

2. Berkshire B

Warren Buffett’s company which I am using to replace the S&P 500 since I do not want to be taxed on dividends.

Price: USD164

Exchange Rate: 1.45

Number of Shares: 130 

Value on Jan 3: $30,914