Warren Buffett. Benjamin Graham. Peter Lynch. Philip Fisher. George Soros. John Templeton.

Where are the females among the world’s most recognised investment legends?

A look at Investopedia’s list of the world’s greatest investors shows that there’s none. Among the money managers, only 2% of hedge funds are run by women, although a large percentage of them are in the top performers of the last 10 years.

One of them is Lauren Templeton.

As the great-niece of respected investor Sir John Mark Templeton, Lauren grew up learning about investing as a young girl, and benefited personally from her Uncle John, whom she described as “strict but very kind” whenever he taught her. She shared about how she used to have really weird meeting appointments scheduled with him, such as from 2.17pm to 2.48pm, and that the atmosphere was really tense because she could just feel the limited …