Truth be told, I have been arrowed to write this article by the Boss. Left to my own devices, this is territory I would rather avoid. Unfortunately, being the only parent in the team (up till today at least), the least I can do is to pull some weight.

Truth be told #2. This article is long overdue. We were supposed to publish it weeks ago. I have lots of excuses for it being so late but I will only banish one around. —> read the truth #3.

Truth be told #3. Writing this article has been extremely difficult for me. There are easy ways and not so easy ways to come up with an article. I can choose to google some child rearing article about money, slap some points together, pad them up with local context and send it to press.

Or I can choose to really dig deep and confront myself about the type of parent I want to be and how I really want my kids to think about money. …