As stated in the last post of 2016, I am restarting the interview series. I will try to have an interview with an interesting investor every month in 2017.

For Jan, I will start with interviewing SG Thumbtack Investor aka SG TTI. If you have yet to read his blog, I urged you to do so soon.

I only knew about his blog after he sent me an email to exchange on a guest post. Right now, I constantly read his blog posts. They always amazed me. I will always have new enlightenment of the particular company and industry due to the details he goes into.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the interview questions and “SG TTI” answers!

1. Tell us more about yourself

SG TTI: I am a Singaporean male in my mid-30s, married with 2 young kids. I have a day job in the healthcare sector …