This is a continuation of the earlier posts:

Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I)

Massive FY16Q4 For Dutech Holdings – Digging Deep To Understand The Impact Of Metric Group Acquisition (Part II)

In Part III, I will be sharing mainly on what are the happenings in the industry that would affect Dutech Holdings’ immediate – mid term prospects, as well as some of the potential risks/headwinds that the company may face. (Yes, every investment must be prospective. Only focusing on the good news and ignoring the potentially bad news, reminds me of the old radio advertisement “Hear only the good stuff”)

As with all trilogies, the best part is always the last installment…

Most of this stuff is new, as in I don’t think anybody has noticed or discussed it in detail, particularly in relation to Dutech’s prospects.

Yet, if anything at …