This post by Kyith has inspired me to write my own off-shoot version of where to stash your cash.

If you are collecting 0.05% interest on your bank account, you better pay attention!

I believe that there is a systematic approach to this. You just fill up the account that gives you the highest rate until the cap, and then you flow into the next account and the next account.

These are the 3 + 1 accounts / products that I would recommend and that I myself am using:
1. OCBC 360 (my post on it)
2. CIMB FastSaver (my post on it)
3. Citibank MaxiGain
4. *Bonus* Singapore Savings Bonds

But because I know y’all lazy af, I made a simple table for y’all to read and compare.

The first 3 products are very liquid (immediate withdrawal). They all don’t have lock-in periods, though if you do …