You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 6).

So far, I have 2 products listed on Amazon.

I went through the whole process of lowering sales price, advertising through Pay Per Click  – PPC campaigns (Auto and Manual), doing Facebook Ads, giving out product at heavily discounted prices, going through an email list to promote my products.

For Product 1, it received 2 nos. of 4 stars reviews, while for Product 2, it received 2 nos. of 5 stars reviews. (I did try a no. of samples for Product 2, before deciding on which to sell).

Sales have been really slow. Including those discounted products, I have only sold 18 units. Come to realize that e-commerce is pretty tough.

In the meantime, i have befriended someone who has been selling since Oct 2016. Let’s call him John (not his real name). John is 47 this year. …