A new year, a new beginning and a new format for the monthly portfolio updates.

As many readers have known, the 15HWW Permanent Portfolio is live and it will definitely be a part of future updates, along with my other investment strategies.

January has been a rather good month for local equities as the STI Index breaches the 3,000 mark once again. Let’s see if this can be maintained and if the total value of $380,000 for our overall portfolio signals a good start for the rest of the year to follow.

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio

Even though this portfolio begins with a value of around $150,000, it was actually built over the whole of 2016 at a cost lower than $140,000 in total.

The price of Berk B is finally coming down slightly, along with the exchange rate. But the rise in price of gold and the STI ETF makes up for it, enabling …