Well, we are in January, still relatively early in the year.

Work has been picking up. I intend to focus more of my attention at work (likely work later these past few days). News of retrenchments from other companies in my industry has been floating around. In the recent company Dinner and Dance (D&D), there isn’t any announcement of future projects (unlike previous years).

In terms of my stock portfolio, it looks healthy. I haven’t been researching stocks for some time and do intend to set aside some time to look into it.

My venture into Amazon e-commerce has not bear ‘fruits’ so far. I will give some more time, but likely I will stop it soon to stop the money ‘bleeding’. Currently, it has been unprofitable if I take into account the cost of ‘advertising’. Kinda like cutting loss in a bad stock.

There are many possible causes. Wrong …