On 19 Jan 2017, purchased 20,000 shares of Silverlake Axis at $0.570 each.

Since the year 2014. I have been following on this stock however I categorize it’s as a high growth & high risk stock which prevent me from initiating a position .

But its constant excellent financial result & transformation keeps luring me back & eventually I decided to buy it .

A brief introduction of the Company :

Silverlake is a Software and Services Solutions provider for the Banking, Insurance, Payment, Retail and Logistics industries.

It is also the leading software provider for banks in South East Asia.

About 40% of the top 20 largest banks in SE .Asia uses Silverlake Axis core banking solution .

Its business span across Asia, Middle East & Eastern Europe .

1 of our Singapore bank (OCBC) are also using Silverlake core banking solution since 1994 which speaks the technical expertise & volume that Silverlake possess.

Below pic …