How to be ahead of the game?

Please don’t believe everything bloggers tell you. Sometimes, bloggers can also be minions of wealth destruction.

A personal finance blog says if a designer bag you want arrived earlier than expected and you haven’t saved enough for it, there are some credit cards with benefits which you can consider using. OMG!

It doesn’t matter what they say after that because that is just so wrong in more ways than one. 

Ask why the blogger said something like that? What was that blog trying to do? The blog says We compare, you save.” I find that ironic.

I think they are comparing the wrong things lah.

I compare for you and you save some money. Why this bag cannot use? This bag $50 only. Why must get a $500 bag? What? $500 is not designer? $500 is mass market? $10,000 then designer? OMG! …