First, the last thing I would claim would be to an England grammar vigilante.
Second, I would never dare challenge anyone on math or business finance calculations. Not when the max I can count using all my fingers and toes looking down is 21.



If you have never studied business finance subjects – you’ve an Arts or Science background – its excusable you use XIRR as a “financial” blogger.

But if you got proper business finance training in Poly and Uni, well, what’s your excuse?

XIRR is just a function in Excel to calculate internal rate of return or annualised yield for a schedule of cash flows occurring at irregular intervals.

XIRR is not a recognised business finance acronym like CARG for Compound Annual Rate Growth.

Yeah hor?

Can always say Annualised Return like what we see in Annual Reports and the Factsheets of mutual funds.

Why then we use XIRR?

If you observant, its mostly a Singaporean financial bloggers phenomenon. Overseas hobbyist financial bloggers tend not to care about “benchmarking”.

See? This is how much hold big daddy has on you even on the sub-conscious level? (Yes, its always big daddy’s fault!)

The answer is quite easy.

It all started with grand daddy monkey. He’s the first to use XIRR in his blog.

Then some other monkey sons and monkey grandchildren follow.

Monkey see; monkey do.

Joking lah!

But it does make you think right?

I mean Annualised Return is simple enough. Why then…

Want to bet none of them work in Sales or Marketing in their day jobs?


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