Nope, I am not talking about myself.

I consider myself a teacher but I am definitely not a millionaire yet. (Although I do reckon our $380,000 portfolio should have a good chance of hitting that million mark in 10 years’ time.)

The person I am referring to is Andrew Hallam, who wrote a best-selling book titled “Millionaire Teacher” five years ago. He’s back with the second edition of the book and I was really honoured when he contacted me about a month ago.

A snippet of the message:

“I would like the publisher to send you a paperback copy, for possible review, or to use as a doorstop, if you would prefer.” – Andrew Hallam to My15HWW

Unfortunately, the book isn’t thick or heavy enough to act as a door-stopper. So the only other alternative I had was to do a review of it. #perksofafinancialblogger

Who is Andrew Hallam?

Andrew …