On 27 January 2017, bought 5000 shares of Ascott Residence Trust at $1.185 each.

As my focus is to build a REIT portfolio this year ,I will  be doing a positon sizing for my REIT holding which means a certain fixed percentage of my cash will be allocated to each REIT stock equally to cushion any downside.

Ascott , one of the world’s largest serviced apartments & rental housing owner and operator , it operates in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America region.

A serviced apartment is basically a furnished apartment which rents out to corporation employee & general public for long term or short term stay. It has amnesties like gym , fitness center , laundry room n etc. It somehow operates like a hotel with room services.

It also operates rental housing too.

Ascott Reit’s portfolio comprises 90 properties with 11,649 units in 38 cities across 14 countries in the Americas, Asia …