ISOTeam secured a series of new contracts

Despite the challenging economic condition, ISOTeam secured a series of new contracts worth $22.7 million, including a third and single largest renewable energy installation project, worth around $6.3 million.

ISOTeam is an eco-conscious Repairs and Redecoration (“R&R”) and Addition and Alteration (“A&A”) specialist in Singapore. I have previously covered this company in my blog before. Founded in 1998 and listed on Catalist of the Singapore Exchange, ISOTeam has successfully undertaken more than 300 public and private sector R&R and A&A projects for more than 3,000 buildings and counting since inception.

With  market capitalization of only $121 million, ISOTeam is considered a small player in SGX. However, the company differentiates itself from its competitors by branding itself as an eco-conscious enterprise. They integrate green methodologies in their R&R, A&A and Others projects, and actively work with strategic partners and technology companies to develop and commercialise green solutions / products…

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