When we invest, we want to maximize the total returns we get.

Ideally, this means that we get some decent dividend cash flow yearly and the stock also provides capital appreciation.

Not all of your stocks end up like that.

A lot of the time, you end up holding a REIT for years, hoping and hoping that one day it will fulfill its promise and turn from a losing position to break even.

When your REIT is in a losing position, you might start having second thoughts.

Some of the REITs you invest in turned around, others do not turn around. You then start saying this REIT is ‘good’, this is ‘not good’.

The thought of selling might run through your head. However, people tell you that REITs are suppose to be buy and hold investments for the long term.

This confuses you:

  1. Should you sell the REIT?
  2. Wait for …