Chinese New Year is a time of family bonding, catching up with friends and also gossiping.

What? Gossiping is not a Chinese New Year tradition? Alamak. 

Oh, it is something we do daily? OK lor.

Since this is the Year of the Chicken (What? Not Chicken? Is Rooster? Rooster is not a Chicken meh?), I present to you 
A tale of two HDB flats” by Darles Chickens.

Gossip Tale #1

A: Charlie’s family sold their 5 room flat. 

B: Aiyoh, why like that? Bad times need money har?

A: They downgraded to a 3 room flat and they no longer have a home loan to worry about. Fully paid.

B: Wah! Quite smart hor?

Gossip Tale #2

X: You know Dickens from our primary school class? I met him recently.

Y: Oh, what happened to him?

X: His family upgraded from 3 room to 5 room flat already, you know?

Y: Wah! Must be doing well! …