Analysis of SingPost

On 29 December 2016, SingPost finally unveiled a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) through appointment of Mr Paul William Coutts who was previously from Toll Global Forwarding, one of the five divisions in the Toll Group. On the basis of the 2Q2016 financial performance, the new CEO will have his work cut out for him. This article contains my analysis of SingPost.

Suffice to say, SingPost’s business model has been disrupted by digital technologies, which led to declining traditional letter mail volumes in recent years. 2Q2016 financial results revealed that SingPost is a company still “work-in-progress”. Underlying net profit for Q2 fell 27.9% which the company attributed to “transformational investments and challenges”. Total expenses increased by 23.7% due to higher expenses in the eCommerce business and costs related to the new Regional eCommerce Logistics Hub.

As SingPost embarks on its business transformation journey, the incoming CEO has an unenviable task of leading an institution that has faltered in recent years…

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