Look! Just cut your tennis balls in half and you can save more space! Wah lah!

Don’t laugh.

Just look at some of the shitty financial “advice” out there:

1)  The more you spend the more you “save” kind…

Enough said.

2)  Collect air miles and fly or upgrade for free!

Hello, unless your Ah Kong (corporate company) pays for the air tickets, or you charge your business expenses on your personal credit card, these air miles are not “free”.

3)  And then there’s this come here little mouse… See the loops and hoops over there? Now jump through all of them and we’ll “reward” you with a little cheese as in 1% extra interest.
That’s how Jedi use their mind control technique on feeble minds…

Tip:  Try to see things from the perspective if you are the sales or marketing maverick making the above proposals to your bosses.

Why throw away good margin away by offering these “incentives” to your customers?

What would you say to “sell” why its in the best interests of your corporation to do so?

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