Sabana Reit Is My Top Performing Investment In 2017


Sabana Reit is probably one of the most deafening and worst performing Reits we have listed in the SGX market. There has been so much recent news surrounding the company that it appears there are many uncertainties on its future.

I made my initiation purchase on Sabana (Link Here) just last month and to date it has been my top performing counter ahead of any other companies with current unrealized gain sitting at around 28%. The company has also recently went ex-dividend for a 0.88 cents so I will also be entitled to the dividend.

There are some of my friends who received their entitlement of the rights + excess so their average price could be a lot lower than mine and hence sitting on higher gains at this point. Kudos to these folks.

While the gains in terms of percentage are rather decent, it is not a …

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