Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016, stocks have been on a roll, going higher and higher. Just about a week ago, the Dow has rallied past 20,000. Most investors believe that Trump is a boost to the economy as he pledged to spend $1 trillion on America’s aging infrastructure, cutting corporate taxes, and deregulate industries.

However, it seems like the Trump rally is over done and the markets are retracing the advances it made since November. Recently, front pages of news websites are often loaded with information that could cause a sell-off in the markets. Is Trump really that bad for the economy? Are we preparing for a trade war that could spark the next financial crisis?

In my opinion, while Trump is getting his administration settled in, the markets could be correcting itself whenever there is any negative news being published. However, in the next year or two, I foresee strength in the US stock …