I did a really stupid thing recently. I had set up GIRO payments for my new credit cards (only use credit cards if you always pay in full every month), but I had forgotten that I had done so 🙁

And so, my credit cards statement came, and I went ahead and did manual payments. All good, so far. Due date came, and the bank attempted another deduction, which usually shouldn’t be a problem. They would realize that payment has already been made, and refund the money to me, correct?

Unfortunately, my POSB bank account isn’t my main account and therefore, did not have enough balance. Haha! And so, I failed not one, but two GIRO deductions as a result. This incurred a $30 fee for each failed deduction.

Pissed off at myself, I called POSB hotline and spoke nicely to the CSO, plainly admitting it was my own fault/stupidity …