A Suitable Valentine’s Day Gift

When it comes to a suitable Valentine’s Day gift, Heartland Girl has certain OB markers. A HDB BTO surprise application on Valentine’s Day is a uniquely Singapore phenomenon. However, she would certainly disapprove of any guy who bids for a HDB BTO without first proposing to the girl. This simply drains all the romance out of the relationship. Therefore, any guy harbouring such thoughts for the upcoming February HDB BTO sales launch this Valentine Day would do well to take heed.

Having been together for several years, it gets increasingly difficult to find a suitable Valentine’s Day gift for Heartland Girl. However, Heartland Boy hit the jackpot at the last Vday. Heartland Boy was tricked into gave Heartland Girl a supplementary ANZ Optimum World MasterCard last Valentine’s Day. It was a Valentine’s Day gift that was greeted with a roar of approval. A million kisses landed at Heartland Boy’s cheek …

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