In December 2016, The Business Times had a sensational article on a Singapore family – a married couple with two kids – who is about to take a trip around the world in style i.e. Business Class, for “free”. Since then, mainstream publications has picked up on it (I mean, who doesn’t want to read about such extreme indulgence?!) and you can check out the links below.

The skeptic in me went into overdrive and based on my experience, it is ridiculously difficult to do what the “Singapore family” has achieved, even more so in less than a year. So, I went to look for readily accessible information.

From the articles, a basic profile of the family emerged.

  • Husband-and-wife team behind (oooo business owners)
  • 34 and 36 years old respectively
  • Have two children
  • Lives on Sentosa island (ahem)
  • Took a family trip to Maldives that cost $10,000

Needless …