Much been written about “Housing choice vs Retirement comfort “ , another types of Cs in our financial planning.

Life is full of “choices “ , one may choose to “stay single or marry “, to “have kids or be DINKs “ , to “climb the corporate ladder or be a freelancer” , to “save more or spend more “ , to “save or invest “ , to “buy a health insurance or take the risk ( bo chap)”……and the list goes on.

“In particular, households should consider their housing choices carefully, as retirement adequacy could be compromised should households overstretch their finances to purchase more expensive housing.”

Source: “Stay prudent, be cautious with property purchases, MAS tells Singaporeans” 

You may find and read the news or articles as below :

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Of course is your choice , if one is ready to work harder and longer , he/she may choose to continuously “upgrade …