Although we’ve yet to apply for our BTO, I’ve been asked to share my plans and financial calculations, so here goes! Hopefully this will help those of you who need a guide on how to plan your finances for your housing needs.

I previously wrote about waiting for the February 2017 BTO launch, but unfortunately neither Bukit Batok nor Sengkang appealed to my fiancé and I as we prefer to stay within 20 minutes of our parents. Nonetheless, HDB conducts a BTO exercise every quarter with projects in different towns, so we’re now waiting for the May 2017 launch instead! 

What type of housing should we get?

The first thing we did was to discuss what housing options we should go for. Some people see their first house as an investment, but I don’t. To me, as long as it is a house I’m staying in, it qualifies more …