Ready, get set, ggooo… 2017

Time flies when you are having fun eh… almost 2 months since the last post, and we are already midway into the second month of 2107… this year’s CNY seems to be extra busy….  “chap goh mey” has just past too..

the market has been running up pretty good, and took the chance to offload some counters  late Jan/early OCBC, valuetronics, hock lian seng… quite happy, with the few Ks of gains… till i saw today’s closing price, and wow… OCBC and valuetronics actually went up at least 5% more… oh well, i always remind myself to be contented with the small blessings

another extremely interesting thing that happened, which is definitely worth a mention, during the 3rd day of CNY,  i actually met up with a fellow finance blogger.When i started out this blog, it didnt occur to me that i would be interested in meeting …

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