As I logged into Facebook this morning, I was prompted to send a Valentine’s Day card.

And then as I started counting, I realised that this will be the 10th V Day since I got together with Mrs 15HWW. Ironically, we have never ever celebrated the occasion on the actual day.

Even on our first V Day, I communicated clearly my lack of enthusiasm for crowds and overpriced dinners and flowers, suggesting to celebrate the occasion a few days before 14th Feb. The bouquet and dinner still cost upwards of $100 but at least the restaurant was not packed like sardines.

So on the subsequent years, I plucked up my courage and suggested to celebrate V Day together with our dating anniversary (late Jan). Surprisingly, the Mrs duly obliged and the same bouquet and dinner started costing 30% lower.

In recent years, we have reduced our annual celebrations to our birthdays so …