3 Ways Your Parents Can Grow Their Retirement Funds

Money is an emotional topic in Heartland Boy’s family, and often, also the root of all problems in the household. This can all be traced to the diverse perspectives on money held by his family members. As age catches up, Heartland Boy’s parents find it increasingly tiring to stand behind the wok for long hours to serve up a good bowl of fish soup. What is even more worrisome is that his parents have not prepared for retirement, and hence retirement funds are almost non-existent. Some Chinese parents that are steeped in Confucian values, Heartland Boy’s parents included, often see their children as the main source of retirement funds. This can be a stressful burden to carry, especially if you are a young adult struggling with multiple financial commitments. Therefore, Heartland Boy has devoted considerable amount of time learning to grow his parents’ retirement funds. He would like to recommend …

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