Markets are climbing slowly and as I am typing out this update, the STI has actually breached 3,100. The total value of the portfolio right now is $390,000 and it is actually up by $10,000 from the previous month. $7,000 was from capital gains and another $3,000 represents capital injection into the warchest.

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio

Interestingly, STI ETF, Berk B and Gold prices are all up slightly this month, contributing to more than a $2k gain in this portfolio.

USD-SGD Rate: 1.42

UOB 50 Gram PAMP Gold Price: $2,815 x 6 = $16,890

2. Personal Picks

About 3 weeks ago, I bought 10,000 shares of FLT @$0.925. Even after accounting for this buy, this portfolio is still up by $3,500 over the past month.

A rising tide lifts all boats, including this.

XIRR: 6.6% (Nov 2010 to Feb 2017)

3. DWI Picks

I subscribe to Dr Wealth Insiders (DWI). …