Interview with King of Popiah, Mr Sam Goi

I watched the TV interview with Mr Sam Goi last Sunday on Channel 8 under the third season of the episode “Hear me Out”. In the previous season, I watched the interview with CEO of Sheng Siong and was impressed. You can revisit the post which I have created arising from watching the interview here . For this episode, I have looked forward to being impressed once again by one of the richest men in Singapore and hope to learn something from Mr Sam Goi.

I shall not elaborate more on the success of Mr Sam Goi or the Sam Goi effect. Both have been well-documented in the internet literature. And so is Mr Sam’s rise from humble beginnings. What struck most is not only how Mr Sam is still modest despite having billions of dollars but his personal saying. Translating, his saying is effectively saying that many are chasing after …

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