As part of our goal to help investors better understand REITs, we are starting a new REIT series that aims to give a good summary of REIT performance during every quarter. We hope that through this “Report Card Series”, you can better grasp the important macro trends and factors that impacts the performance of REITs.

While the quarterly reporting for Singapore-listed equities is still underway, we highlight four notable REITs in the first of this series from the office, industrial and retail sub-sector.

  1. Manulife US REIT

Reporting its first 4Q16 results since its IPO, Manulife US REIT rekindled investors’ confidence in the REIT’s ability to deliver strong results. Manulife US REIT managed to deliver full year dividend per unit (DPU) of US$ 0.0575 which was higher than its IPO forecast of US$ 0.055. Manulife US REIT is looking attractive with a prospective yield of 7.2 percent in …