Last week, the Business Times published a great article – Markets are underestimating the risks of accelerating inflation written by Neil Behrmann – which I thought was worth a second look.

In the nutshell, the author believes that there will be rapid inflation coming our way, especially with Trump’s policies, and that this could be a sign of an impending market crash.

I quote some parts of the article which I thought was worth sharing here (in dark grey). For those of you familiar with macro economics, you might find some of these familiar:

RISKS of accelerating global inflation have been widely underestimated. 

The deflation in the US, Germany, the UK, France, Japan and China in the past two years has turned into inflation. In the US, it is 2.1 per cent; Germany, 1.7 per cent; the UK, 1.6 per cent; France , 0.6 …