A few minutes encounter with an “unknown” face on something unrelated to investing matter. So it is quite unexpected. LOL!

Someone : Uncle, can I ask you something?

Uncle8888 : OK

Someone : I don’t understand your Less Analyzing. More Investing.

Uncle8888 : Wah! To explain, we need one whole session on it. :-) Now; it is not the right time. Simply, it is …. blah blah!

Someone : Now, can I still invest?

Uncle8888 : You got see my STI chart?

Someone : Uncle’s chart very cheem! I don’t get it!

Uncle8888: You can go and schedule kopi session. Bring along pen and papers!

Someone: Ya Kun?


Less Analyzing. More Investing – CW8888

It is simple four words; but Uncle8888 didn’t anyhow pluck it from the sky.

To understand why he said it?

It is after more than a decade in the stock market; then he said it

A few pieces of paper may be not enough. LOL!…