I had the weirdest experience.

My friend recently Trade in his previous Toyota Altis for 30K (about same age as mine) and bought a new one.

I thought: Wow, it’s still worth so much. Assume Mine is worth 20K, it might be worth it to consider getting a new attrage (the cheapest Japanese saloon in market)

I called the Mitsubishi showroom and ask for a quotation. I was quoted 8K for my Vios of mileage 180k. When I say de-registering the car now or by May would give me 8K too, since my ARF is about 14K and I have 1 more year to go. She didn’t reply.

So, guess I am still back to my original plan of renewing COE.

Maybe my friend mileage is low. But the trade-in value is quite ridiculous IMHO.

Had I manage to get a higher trade-in value, the depreciation rate might have convinced …