ISOTeam offers services related to building maintenance and estate upgrading industry. ISOTeam’s major customers include town councils, government bodies as well as private sector building owners.

The range of services ISOTeam offers are

  1. Upgrade and Retrofit Works
  2. Repairs and Decoration Works
  3. Reroofing and Waterproofing Works
  4. Facade Restoration and Cleaning Works
  5. Home Painting Services
  6. ISO Pest Management
  7. Access Rental Services


ISOTeam has a total of 234 employees and 493 general workers. Mr David Ng Cheng Lian is current Chairman and the founder of ISOTeam. Mr Anthony Koh Thong Huat is one of the co-founder and current CEO for the group. Both of them currently holds 2.70% direct interest in the shares and 41.14% deemed interest in the shares of the company. Both of them have more than 30 years of experience in the building maintenance and estate upgrading industry.

Market Capitalization

As of 31st December 2016, the total number of …