Well, this morning I woke up to an OCBC notice about the 360 account.

Talk about meh. Not something I wanna wake up to.

So summarise the changes, they put:

I would be getting 1.2%+0.3%+0.05%, with an optional 0.3% (I am recently spending less than $500 on my credit cards). So that’s 1.55%+0.3% for the 360 account.

My first thought was looking at my current profile and matching with the closest competitor, BOC Smartsaver

Looking at the criteria,

Credit card spend:

Monthly Spend*Bonus Interest Rate (p.a.)
S$1,500 and above1.60%
S$500 – < S$1,5000.80%

 Salary Crediting:

Amount of SalaryBonus Interest Rate (p.a.)
S$6,000 and above1.20%
S$2,000 – < S$6,0000.80%

Bills Payment:
Enjoy 0.35% p.a. Payment bonus interest when you successfully complete 3 bill payments of at least S$30 each …