Oh that’s right, Version 3.0 of the OCBC360 (eff 1 Apr 2017) is finally out, and it sucks!

Version 2 OCBC 360 2.25% on up to $60,000
Version 1 OCBC 360 3.05% on up to $50,000

Guess what is the “real” interest of version 3 of the OCBC 360 account?

Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s a stinking 1.85% of up to $70,000

1.2% for the salary credit of at least $2,000
0.3% for the GIRO payments of 3 bills of total amount of at least $150
0.3% for credit card spending over $500 a month

0.05% baseline

For the people who have been with OCBC 360 all the way, fulfilling the 3 main basic criteria of salary, GIRO and credit card spending, we have seen our interest given to us DROP from a very generous 3.05% to 1.85%. That’s a …