Last weekend, I scouted the whole of SGX for counters to buy. But I eventually only bought 1 counter. In fact I fully sold 3 counters while some of the counters in my portfolio were partially sold.

As stated on my Facebook Page and IN, many of the counters that I came across did not react in the way I expected it to be.

One example was Rowsley Ltd – a Peter Lim company. It made significant HUGE LOSSES in its latest full year financial report. But the share price did not even move decrease. Another similar example was Yongnam Holdings Ltd.

As I always say, “Expect the Unexpected”.

Nevertheless, I re-reviewed all the counters on SGX again and I came up with some counters that I intend to purchase. From my lists, these are the more certain targets.

1. Yongnam Holdings Ltd

Prior to its recent profit guidance …