I recently mentioned in my previous post, that I have sold my Fasternal Co stocks. I was on leave on Friday. On that day, while running my errands, I took some time to further sell some of my stocks, namely CapitaLand and SIA.

To be frank, I have been wanting to sell the SIA stocks I own for a very long time.

I have previous sold Sun Hung Kai many months ago -what is left are the odd lots I received (in lieu of dividends) previously.

To put things in perspective:

  1. I bought the Fasternal shares on Aug 2015 (Holding period was approximately 1 yr 6 months);
  2. Last bought CapitaLand shares on July 2015 (Holding period was approximately 1 yr 7 months);
  3. Last bought SIA share on Nov 2010 (Holding period was approximately 6 yrs 3 months).


There are various reasons why I wanted to sell them:

  • Big but slow growth

I consider CapitaLand …