After the big hoo-hah on the upcoming 30% water price hike (from Budget 2017), the latest viral news that keep popping-up in my social media profiles is non-other than the just-released blockbuster movie, Logan.

Logan, supposedly the last installment of the standalone Wolverine movie to be helmed by Hugh Jackman, as the titular role). To me, it is also the BEST wolverine movie thus far and possibly the best X-men movies too.

It is refreshing, it is bold (rated M18 in Singapore and rated R in the USA) and it is unforgiving-ly emotional.

Every good movie can teach us one or two things about life (or for that matter, about investing). So, following are the 3 things that I’ve learnt from Logan, the movie :

1. Everyone go through the similar life cycle about life struggles (at some point in life), going through aging and death. …