International Healthway Corporation Limited (IHC) was spun off from Healthway Medical Corporation (HMC) in 2013. Back then, its IPO price was 48c a share.

Being a HMC shareholder, I was given free shares of IHC which I have mostly forgotten about until the recent saga in which the entire board of IHC was given the boot.

Of course, it was revealed then that OUE Limited became a substantial shareholder of IHC.

Today, I received an offer from OUE to buy my shares. Offer price is 10.6c a share.

Two days ago, I blogged about receiving an offer from OUE for my shares in HMC. It seems that OUE sees potential in IHC too. Both IHC and HMC are probably undervalued in their eyes.

I don’t have the business savvy, connections nor the foresight of the Riady family. What I do know is that they won’t buy heavily into an investment unless they are able to benefit from it…