Allocating edu-chest resources

I have done some additional thinking after my two posts on the Skillsfuture Qualification Award and the Post-Secondary Education Account. These are resources for us to utilize, to upgrade ourselves in the face of even greater uncertainty in the job market.

Besides the SkillsFuture credit, I have found other resources which could be used as well. As a whole, this pool of resources could be conceived of as an “edu-chest”, a war chest of sorts to deploy for education/professional development purposes. In this piece, I will delimit “education/professional development courses” to refer to courses which range in cost from a couple of hundreds to maybe a couple of thousands.Is there any optimal way in which the edu-chest could be used? Which resource should be used first, to give us the greatest bang for the buck?

Before proceeding, I have to highlight some assumptions I have made while writing this …

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