This will be the 3rd interview for the year. So here we have “Wellhandy” as he is known as on InvestingNote platform.

To me, he is more of a TA person because he is always taking about red line, blue line and pink line. For some time, I keep wondering if he is taking about our MRT station (Just kidding!).

Joke aside, as many of you have known, I know nuts about TA or any of the coloured line. This is where Wellhandy has always been helping me along the way. He will give me hints of what to look out for. Every advice has provided me with additional insights of how each counter’s share price may move.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the interview questions and “Wellhandy” answers!

1. Tell us more about yourself. 

Wellhandy: I see myself as inclined similarly towards both FA and …