We are always saying how things are cheaper across the Causeway and I do it too. I have said it often enough to get rebuked by some of my Malaysian friends.

“You Singaporeans only find it cheap because of the strong S$. Life is actually very difficult for common Malaysians, you know. And you people come here and drive prices up. You think the people in Johor like higher prices?”

I grew up loving McDonald’s fast food. It was always a treat. These days, I still go to McDonald’s and I like ordering the S$2.50 Fillet o fish.

Since they dropped the price to S$2.00 before increasing it to S$2.50 for the burger alone, I have not had the meals. The meal comes with fries and a drink but costs S$5.00. It is just paying more for extra (and empty) calories which I don’t need.

In JB, I remember it cost me about RM9.00 for a Fillet o fish meal …