KIMLY GROUP IPO is the latest IPO for the Singapore stocks market. KIMLY GROUP IPO comes at the time when the Singapore stocks markets are behaving in a non-bullish manner after a great performance in January and February of the year. I believe Kimly GROUP IPO will be closely scrutinized by retail investors as investment ideas seem to dry from the current stocks markets.
KIMLY GROUP is a coffeeshop chain business which owns more than 70 business, including coffee shops, zi char stalls and a central kitchen. KIMLY GROUP has 64 food outlets under management and 121 food stalls in Singapore with a 5.8% market share. 170 million of the IPO shares will be for placement with only $3.8 million shares at $0.25 per share for retail subscription.

As a heartland boy, man and now uncle, I like to frequent good coffeeshop stalls for their generally okay …

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